Frequently Asked Questions

What type of yarn and hook size should I use?

You just need to use a combination of yarn and hook size that gives you nice tight stitches – everyone is different, what works for one person might not work for another.  It took me a few attempts  to find the perfect combination for my dolls and it may be the same for you.  The size of your doll will be dependant upon the weight of yarn you choose, the brand of the yarn (as they can differ vastly) as well as the hook size and your own personal gauge/tension - click here for a useful page which explains personal gauge/tension.  How firmly you stuff and shape your dolls plays an important part too of course.  The tighter your stitches are the easier it will be to stuff your doll firmly and shape it as you stuff enabling you to escape the infamous wobbly head.  A firmly stuffed, well shaped doll will feel like an orange when pressed and won’t have a wobbly head.


I am new to making dolls where should I start?

If you are a completely new to making dolls or just want to see how I make one.  The best place to start is with this free pattern here.  This special beginners version of my standard size Weebee doll contains lots of links to helpful tutorials, is written in more detail and has accompanying video tutorials for each part!  You can either make yourself a boy or a girl standard size Weebee Doll in a Bunny Costume or make yourself a naked doll to dress up.

I’ve started making a Weebee but I’m not sure it’s right as it looks really odd?

Argh!  The head looks huge!  It looks like an alien!

Their heads can appear particularly huge and they do look like aliens before you add the hair and arms.  Just crack on and see how you feel when they have arms and hair…I'm pretty sure you’ll be pleased with the results!

I don’t like the shape of my doll…the neck’s too long, it doesn’t have a tummy and bottom, what did I do wrong?

One of the things I always say is to stuff, stuff, stuff and stuff until you can stuff no more but one of the things I don’t think a lot of people realise is that you need to shape your doll as you stuff.  Shaping is as important as stuffing firmly.  You can’t just put the stuffing in there and expect it to conform to the shape of the doll, you have to give it a helping hand.


When people contact me unhappy about the shape of their dolls I always guide them in the direction of the video tutorial on the Weebee and Friends YouTube channel where you can watch me stuff and shape my doll.

If there’s anything you’re unhappy about with regards to your dolls, invisible decreases, colour changes, stuffing, shaping, sewing the arms on, making the hair caps, etc. you’ll either find them in this set of video’s or on the channel.

• 6 Part Video Tutorial Playlist can be found here – even I was surprised to actually watch just how much stuffing I used!  Weebee dolls are hungry!

• The Weebee and Friend’s YouTube channel can be found here.


Where can I find a tutorial for crochet eyes?

This video is the most frequently used eye pattern for the Weebee dolls.

Is the clothing removable? How does it go on over the dolls head? Will a pattern designed for one of your dolls fit one of the others?

All of the items in my doll clothing patterns are removable.  The clothing items are designed to go on over their feet.  Because all of my dolls are different shapes and sizes a pattern specifically designed for one typically won’t fit another pf the dolls without a great deal of adjustment.

I am worried about my dolls having wobbly heads, what can I do?

If you haven't found the right combination of yarn and hook size to allow you to firmly stuff your doll and avoid wobbly heads yet don't panic.  You can crochet a sausage shaped tube to sew into the neck area on your doll - just making an extra arm and stuffing it firmly works well.  I wouldn't recommend putting anything else into the neck area as anything else may be a safety concern.


My doll won't stand, how can I make it stand?

My dolls are not designed to stand alone, again I wouldn't recommend adding anything into the feet as it could be hazardous safety wise.  You can purchase doll stands online for display purposes.

Where can I find the 3D Glitter Eyes you use?
I purchase these from Cello Express online.

Why have I not been accepted into the Facebook group?
Please ensure that you answer all 3 questions and agree to the group rules otherwise your request to join will be declined.